Planting corn at ‘a $100/acre loss’

Unless there’s a major turnaround in the markets, most farmers will be planting corn this spring with prices well below their cost of production.

“Corn is right around three dollars and that’s a loss, you know, when you have a 3.50 to 3.60 breakeven, right in there,” says Dave Bruntz of Friend, Nebraska. “So we’re putting corn in the ground this week and the next few weeks that, the way it looks today, we’re talking about a 100 dollar an acre loss.

“In the short term, it doesn’t look very good, but this is the business we’re in and everybody’s going to try and survive it the best they can. We just hope that better times are ahead.”

AUDIO: Dave Bruntz
  • Plant more corn. Plant corn until you are out of business. If you are losing money , don’t worry you can make it up in volume.

  • Not to be a **jerk but as a spring wheat farmer we have been planting to the negitive for the last 5-6 years.

    **changed word – Admin

  • It’s time American agriculture turn to organic practices. Less inputs, less yields, better prices, healthier food, less government involvement, less trade tariffs, less crude oil being used.

    • Farmers need to look at solar power and all electric farm equipment. They have the space for solar panels and buildings for battery storage. Additionally, substituting cultivation with high tech equipment can replace expensive chemicals.

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