Planting nears completion for many Arkansas farmers

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A northeast Arkansas farmer says he has about 10 percent of his fields left to plant.

Derek Haigwood tells Brownfield these last few fields haven’t been easy. “I have 300 acres that is quite disagreeable,” he says.  “Some gumbo ground that was in rice last year that I just can’t get ground up to get beds on. My cotton is all up. Everything’s going like I want it to.”

Statewide, 97 percent of the corn crop is planted, and 91 percent emerged, with 71 percent rated good to excellent.  Cotton is 68 percent planted, and 44 percent emerged.  Soybeans are 82 percent planted, 68 percent emerged, 1 percent blooming, and 77 percent rated good to excellent.  Rice is 97 percent planted, and 87 percent emerged, with 79 percent rated good to excellent. 

Haigwood says he’s been catching a lot of timely rains recently. “Otherwise, we’d be preparing to take the rice to flood and start our watering schedule,” he says. “We’re right there at that.”

Peanuts are 78 percent planted, and 39 percent emerged.

Winter wheat is 91 percent headed and 49 percent coloring, with 61 percent rated good to excellent.

Hay conditions are 60 percent good to excellent, pasture conditions are 61 percent good to excellent, and vegetables are 34 percent good to excellent. Topsoil moisture is 9a3 percent and subsoil moisture is 91 percent adequate to surplus.

AUDIO: Derek Haigwood, Arkansas farmer

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