Planting proceeds in northwestern Wisconsin

The mostly sunny weather has many Wisconsin farmers planting their corn and soybeans this week.

Ben Augustine

One of the farmers making good progress is Ben Augustine, who farms near Sheldon in northwestern Wisconsin.  He tells Brownfield, “I’ve got 952 acres done of a total of about 25 hundred to get planted, so I’m probably half to three-quarters done planted.”

Augustine says he and most of his neighbors have been putting in some long days in the field this week. “Everybody started up here with beans this year with planting. I guess that was the only fields dry, and now a lot of corn got slammed in, too. My friends of short nights and long days finally showed up.”

Augustine tells Brownfield he’s about half finished planting, with all but 125 acres of soybeans done and 11 hundred acres of corn yet to plant.

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