Policy advisor looks for on-time finish to 2018 farm bill

A veteran of farm bills back to 1990 says there’s a chance the 2018 farm bill will finish on time.  Lynn Tjeerdsma, senior policy advisor to Senate Agriculture Committee member John Thune of South Dakota, tells Brownfield the next farm bill will be completed by the end of next September.  Tjeerdsma says it’s become tradition to do extensions on past farm bills.

“But I think there are enough factors in place, such as work needing to be done on the cotton program, dairy program, and the fact that we have low prices and we need to do some work on the commodity title, that I think are driving factors in getting this farm bill done before September 30, 2018,” Tjeerdsma told Brownfield Ag News during the South Dakota Soybean Association convention in Sioux Falls.

Farm bills, says Tjeerdsma, have grown more complex since he began working on them in 1990.

“We’ve somehow managed to make them more complicated,” he said.  “I guess that follows; agriculture’s become more complicated.”

AUDIO: Lynn Tjeerdsma (7 min. MP3)

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