Pork biosecurity: Keep it clean and identifiable

Foreign animal diseases can be kept out of the U.S. if attention is given to biosecurity and the means to trace infected animals. Dr. Dave Pyburn with the National Pork Board tells Brownfield the biggest foreign animal disease threats – classical swine fever, foot and mouth disease and African swine fever – can be prevented. Biosecurity and a method to trace pigs are important considerations in keeping the U.S. safe, according to Pyburn.

“If we’ve all got high biosecurity we won’t have this disease entering into our farms,” Pyburn told Brownfield Ag News Tuesday at the Missouri Pork Expo, “but if it does, that premisis ID number and the response that comes after that is going to be very important.”

Pyburn’s primary concern with keeping foreign diseases out of the U.S. is the fact that “we have a very small globe today.”

“I’m concerned with people that could track it back in, I’m concerned with product that could also bring it back into this country,” said Pyburn, “and the fact that we take feedstuffs from some of these countries that have all three of those diseases, in fact.”

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