Pork industry applauds Scope 3 rule change

Pork producers are applauding the Securities and Exchange Commission’s decision to remove the Scope 3 reporting requirement, which would have required farmers to report the greenhouse gas emissions of their supply chain.

Bryan Humphreys, chief executive officer of the National Pork Producers Council, tells Brownfield it’s an all-around win…

“It’s certainly going to have a positive impact on the pork industry by not including Scope 3, but I think the bigger opportunity here is for the U.S. consumer.”  He says, “The amount of paperwork and things that would have gone into reporting those numbers from all of agriculture, ultimately it would have created some significant challenges throughout the entire supply chain.”

He says the pork industry remains focused on environmental impact without additional government intervention…

“We continue to be forward thinkers in sustainability efforts, reducing of water usage, of feed usage, of our carbon footprint across the board.”  He says, “And so a recognition by the SEC hopefully of the solutions that agriculture and specifically the US pork industry are bringing.”

The Scope 3 rule proposal was first introduced two years ago.  Numerous agricultural organizations have been opposed to the measure.

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