Pork industry helps shape sustainability expectations

Jarrod Sutton WPX

The pork industry is engaging with food companies to better understand changing sustainability expectations.

National Pork Board Vice President of Channel Marketing Jarrod Sutton says executives of food retailers and fast food chains want to know how pig farmers are producing more with less.

“Certainly the pork industry has a terrific story, and decades of continuous improvement in terms of environmental management specifically.  But, doing more with less without compromising welfare or the safety of our product.  That’s something that as an industry we’re very proud of, and we communicate that publically.”

He says that message resonates with food companies and contributes to a more comprehensive story to share with consumers.

“So they can oftentimes look to the pork industry as a part of their total supply chain as the example of the right way to do it.”

Sutton says the National Pork Board has been able to influence policy development on sustainability with a number of food companies that they’ve worked with.

Brownfield spoke to Sutton at World Pork Expo in Des Moines.




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