Concern over possible disruptions to the ag supply chain

There’s some concern about possible disruptions to agricultural supply chains because of the coronavirus.

“It’s possible that we will see some disruptions in the supply chain,” says Nebraska Farm Bureau Steve Nelson, “and that really works both directions, with our products moving out of the country—or away from farms and ranches—and things that we need to be bringing in to farms and ranches.”

Nelson says farmers would be wise to prepare for that possibility.

“You know, I’m typically not one that becomes alarmed very easily. This is a circumstance where I think there are reasons to have some pretty significant concerns,” he says. “Of course, no one knows what will happen as we move forward, but I think planning ahead—thinking about different things that you do and different provisions that you need—is important.”

Nelson spoke to Brownfield on Wednesday from Washington, D.C., where he attended the American Farm Bureau board of directors meeting.

AUDIO: Steve Nelson

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