Practical Farmers of Iowa seeking on-farm research participants

Midwestern farmers using soil health practices can take part in research projects focused on nitrogen use and cover crops this growing season.

Practical Farmers of Iowa senior research manager Stefan Gailans says they are seeking corn growers to explore whether practices like cover crops or no-till support using less nitrogen fertilizer.

“What this project is testing really is can a farmer maintain or improve their corn yields with less fertilizer thanks to the soil health practices they’ve been using over the last few years.”

He tells Brownfield another on-farm research project involves cover crops exclusively.

“Over the years we’ve been hearing from a number of people in our network who have been using cover crops for five, six, eight years, that they can get into their fields to plant their cash crops earlier than their neighbors or other people in their region.”

Gailans says the new study will address those claims.

Farmers from Iowa and surrounding states are encouraged to participate and have until April 10th to enroll. 

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