Precision ag technology a focus of this year’s Farm Progress Show

Autonomy and precision agriculture technology will be a showcase at this week’s Farm Progress Show.

Show Manager Mat Jungmann says there will be several opportunities for farmers to learn about new technology that might improve their bottom line. “It’s good to keep a pulse on what’s coming down the line, catch up and start to get your arms around all this autonomous stuff means.  Lots of opportunities for things like that.”

And, he tells, Brownfield field demos of new technology will help farmers plan for the future. “It’s where you go to learn what’s next and what’s impacting some people now might now impact others down the road. A brand new global product introduction like we’ll have several of Tuesday morning of the show, that might not be something that’s on everybody’s farm next year, but it’s going to be impacting them at some point.”

Brownfield will be on the ground in Boone this week providing coverage of the 2022 FPS.

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