Precision Planting launches new suite of agronomy tools

A crop consultant loads geo tubes into the Radicle Lab. Photo by Precision Planting

Precision Planting has launched a new suite of agronomy tools designed to make soil testing more efficient.

Product Lead Dale Koch tells Brownfield Radicle Agronomics starts with Radicle Lab, the world’s first automated soil laboratory.

Radicle Lab photo by Precision Planting

“It is a relatively high-capacity lab. Over the course of a day, you can run 300 samples. The target customer here is the professional agronomist. The lab will fit in a 10 by 10 space in an agronomist’s shop.”

He says another component called GeoPress can mount on any field-ready vehicle and automatically blends and stores soils samples in reusable containers with RFID tags linked to a cloud-based software.

GeoPress photo by Precision Planting

“At the press of a button the sample is loaded and compressed into a tube, linked with the location associated with the RFID tag, the cap is put on, and that tube is ready to be taken back with you to the Radicle Lab.”

Koch says the goal of Radicle Agronomics is to simplify soil testing by eliminating manual record keeping and bag handling, giving agronomists more time to focus on farmers’ needs. He says reducing human error in the soil sampling process will also provide customers with more accurate data.

Interview with Dale Koch

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