President Biden and USDA announce funding for infrastructure investments

The Biden administration announced it is investing more than $166.5 million dollars to protect America’s watersheds.

Undersecretary for the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service Robert Bonnie says 23 states will receive funding for new dam and flood prevention projects and for repairs on existing watershed infrastructure.  “We tend to work in partnership with communities to help repair aging dams, improve irrigation, help folks plan for watershed issues related to drought, flooding, stream stabilization,” he says.  “You name it.”

He tells Brownfield two dams in Ohio will receive funding through the Watershed Rehabilitation (REHAB) Program.  “One is the Fox Lake Dam and one is the Meeks Lake Dam,” he says.  “Both provide flood control, both dams are about 50 years old and in need of repair and in need of updating.”

Bonnie says the funds will enable the Margaret Creek Conservation District to raise the embankment of the Meeks Lake Dam, armor the spillway, and extend its lifespan by at least 50 years.  The other project will bring the Fox Lake Dam into compliance with Ohio’s safety regulations and restore the original flood protection benefits.

AUDIO: Undersecretary Robert Bonnie

Funding will also be dispersed through the Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations Program.  Brownfield states that received funding for those projects are:

First Creek – L’Anguille River Watershed

Agriculture Water Infrastructure Improvements
Lower Caney Restoration Project
Lower Missouri River Resiliency
Lower Missouri River Resiliency
Floodway Soil Erosion Reduction Project
Lower Missouri River Resiliency

Brownell Creek Watershed
Buffalo Creek Watershed-Platte River
Ziegler Creek Watershed
Wilson Creek Watershed
Spring Creek Watershed
Gering Valley Watershed
East Clear Creek Watershed-North Platte River
Davis Creek Watershed

Upper Rush Creek

Humphreys County Trace Creek Watershed Preliminary Investigation and Feasibility report

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