Prevent plant claims can be complicated

Photo: Farmers of Mill Creek farmer-led watershed group meet to discuss prevent plant options 6/25/24

A crop insurance agent says filing prevent plant claims can be complicated, and that’s especially true if newly-rented acres are involved.

Agent Leah Hamilton tells Brownfield farmers have been asking if they can make a claim on new acreage, and she says that depends on several factors. “On the fields, we have to have one in the last four crop years needs to be planted, harvested, and insured. If it’s an old hay field, you might be out of luck on prevent plant, so these are conversations you’re going to want to have with your agent.”

Hamilton says along with how early the land was rented, the field must have been planted, insured, and harvested in one of the last four crop years and farmers may have to get crop insurance information from the previous renters. “Did the previous farmer or farmers before you have crop insurance on it? if they did, you have to get that proof.”

Hamilton says the USDA’s Risk Management Agency has made it more difficult to qualify for prevent plant, so farmers need to work with their agents to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Hamilton was a presenter for a meeting of the Farmers of Mill Creek farmer-led watershed group near Junction City, Wisconsin which included about 25 farmers who haven’t been able to plant or cut first crop hay because of extremely wet field conditions.

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