PrimAgro C-Tech first biostimulant to receive TFI certification

The Fertilizer Institute’s Certified Biostimulant program is elevating product standards for growers.

President and CEO Corey Rosenbusch tells Brownfield crop nutrients including biologicals are regulated at the state level and compliance can be difficult.

“We took the standard that the industry had been working on that looked at efficacy testing methods, safety, and composition, and we built a certification so that as a grower begins to look at products and understand how they work, they know that they can have confidence that there was a certain rigor that existed,” he says.

AgroLiquid CEO Nick Bancroft tells Brownfield its PrimAgro C-Tech biostimulant went through rigorous standards for the certification and he hopes the process brings consistency to the industry.

“It requires certification of raw materials, quality testing, manufacturing processes, it required field research with statistically relevant results,” he shares.

Rosenbusch says the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials and the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture plan to use the label as the base standard during approval processes.

Brownfield interviewed both during a recognition event Monday in St. Johns, Michigan.

AUDIO: Corey Rosenbusch, The Fertilizer Institute

 AUDIO: Nick Bancroft, AgroLiquid

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