Profitability for cotton remains a concern

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A northeast Arkansas farmer says he’s slightly more optimistic about this year’s cotton crop than he was at the start of the year.

Derek Haigwood tells Brownfield he’s looking for opportunities.  “Hopefully we can get a little spike in the price in the futures markets,” he says.  “And I can lock in some more bales and more pounds.”

He says he could have planted that acreage to corn. “But with the price of corn bouncing around, I really like to go to cotton,” he says. 

Haigwood says cotton farmers were faced with difficult decisions earlier this year as prices were below the projected cost of production.  “But, you know that cotton picker, I can’t hook a corn head to it,” he says.  “Then it’s still sitting there. You’ve got to use it for cotton only. It also really helps with the harvest.  The bean crew can go. The rice crew can go cut, and I just need a little help in the morning. And I’m a one-man cotton show.”

Haigwood says he’s finished planting his cotton crop.  Statewide, 68 percent of Arkansas’ cotton crop has been planted, and 44 percent is emerged.

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