Propane prices higher than last year, but supply is steady

The director of ag business for the Propane Education and Research Council says a steady supply of propane is helping ease concerns of price volatility heading into the fall.

Mike Newland says he’s expecting prices to be higher than last year, but… “I think as you look at us versus the other energies currently, propane is probably in the best position it’s been in versus crude oil and natural gas than it has been for multiple years,” he said. “The spread right now is about as wide as we can historically find.”

He tells Brownfield now is the time for farmers to look into additional on-site fuel storage. “Some folks have fleets of trucks and other folks are running smaller fleets of trucks,” Newland said. “I think it’s an honest conversation with your propane marketer because I think they need to be involved in that conversation as well.”

Newland says their Grain Drying Calculator can help farmers plan ahead and budget for their propane supply needs.

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