Protect against potential fuel disruptions

Farmers are encouraged to protect against potential fuel disruptions in 2023.

CHS director of marketing for refined fuels Akhtar Hussain says supply uncertainties continue.

“Just make sure we’re filling tanks early, we’re getting ahead of when the demand on the farm is going to hit so we help insulate ourselves if there are any temporary supply disruptions.”

He tells Brownfield while demand for gasoline seems to be declining, diesel demand is very strong.

“We’re seeing growth forecasts for diesel out for the next probably three decades, so obviously diesel supply is something that is foremost on our minds and we’re going to continue to dry and get that diesel fuel where we need to support our CHS customers throughout the country.”

Hussain says CHS owns refineries in Montana and Kansas with about 1,450 retail locations primarily in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest.

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