Purdue Food Science teaches Korean Soy Masters about U.S. soy products

A Purdue University professor says the quality of U.S. soybeans sets it apart from other competitors.

Food science expert Senay Simsek recently met with participants of the Soy Master’s program from Korea to help them better understand the U.S. soybean industry.

“It helps them understand the type of products you can develop from soybeans in various types of food applications, and why soybean is unique in terms of routing quality,” she said.

Simsek tells Brownfield farmers are working to ensure there is long-term demand for soybeans well into the future.

“There are unique features of soybeans produced in Indiana and and also in the United States,” she said. “This shows how much investment US farmers are providing for soybean research.”

Korean researchers in the Soy Master’s program visited different centers around Indiana to learn more about the U.S. soybean industry and to further develop the strong agricultural relationship with the U.S.

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