R-CALF USA wants COOL in the farm bill, tariffs

A livestock producer group is asking for tariffs and farm bill language requiring mandatory country of origin labeling. 

Bill Bullard with R-CALF USA tells Brownfield work is being done to gather support for COOL in Washington, D.C. “We have Senator Mike Rounds circulating a dear college letter asking other Senators to join him in a letter asking the Senate Ag Committee to include mandatory country of origin labeling.”

Bullard says major business items at their convention include continuing the fight against mandatory radio-frequency identification tags on livestock, the Paraguay beef imports, and the ag trade deficit.  He says tariffs can be a useful tool in managing trade deficits. “In our sheep industry in particular, because that industry has been decimated by excessive imports, and so we do need tariffs on Australian and New Zealand lambs, and our cattle industry, as I said, we have a trade deficit and have a lingering deficit. We’ve been importing more beef and cattle than we export for the past 25 years.”

R-CALF USA’s convention wraps up Friday evening in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Audio: Bill Bullard discusses convention priorities with Brownfield’s Larry Lee

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