Reactions mixed to Trump-Xi trade announcement

Agriculture groups are cautiously optimistic about President Trump’s announcement saying trade talks with China will continue.

Jeff Lyon with FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative tells Brownfield he’s glad the two sides are talking again. He tells Brownfield, “As long as you keep talking and doing those kinds of things, then there’s an opportunity to get an agreement and do some kinds of things. When you stop talking, that’s when the challenge is there, you know, when you’re just talking past each other and that kind of thing.

Wisconsin Corn Growers President Doug Rebout says it’s too early to get excited about Trump saying China will buy more farm goods because he’s heard this before. “With all of the different trade talks going on, I am skeptical. We’ve been promised a lot of things. I’m just looking at it going, okay, they’re talking but until I see something, that’s when I’ll really say something is happening.”

Aaron Stauffacher with Edge Dairy Farmers Cooperative says access to the Chinese market would be encouraging for dairy producers. “We’ve seen our market share of dairy imports into China fall, so it would be encouraging news for the marketplace and I think it would have a positive effect on the market.”

Wisconsin Farm Bureau President Jim Holte says trade negotiations are very complex and he’s not surprised by the occasional stops in talks with China. “When you think of not only all of the agricultural parts but the intellectual property and all of the manufacturing parts It’s a complicated deal and we hope it makes some progress for all of us.”

So far, no specifics have been announced about possible negotiating dates or possible Chinese purchases of additional U.S. farm products.

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