Real dairy milk still preferred choice

A California dairyman is playing on both sides of real and plant-based milk trends.

Steve Maddox’s family farm includes milking 3,300 registered Holsteins, 1,400 acres of feed crops, a vineyard and 1,500 acres of almonds.

“The wine grapes and the almonds pay for my hobby of dairying.”

The 2019 Dairyman of the Year says nutritionally, almond milk just doesn’t compare to what his cows can produce.

“I think if you really want nutrition and something that’s good for you, and something that doesn’t have on the label not fit for babies—not to be used as baby formula and the like—I think people will come around.”

Global Innovation Partnership executive VP Paul Ziemnisky with Dairy Management tells Brownfield over the past four years, consumers have mostly reduced plant-based beverage consumption.

“Except for almond, that whole plant-based beverage shelf was declining in terms of volume.”

He says they’re working with retailers to protect dairy milk’s shelf space in stores.

“The average trip per milk on an annual basis is 30 trips, so when milk’s in the basket, it’s $2,100 and that adds up for a retailer.  There are only eight trips for alternative beverages.”

Ziemnisky says only three percent of households exclusively buy plant-based milk and they only buy nine gallons a year which he doesn’t see as competition.

Brownfield interview with Steve Maddox during World Dairy Expo
Brownfield interview with Paul Ziemnisky during World Dairy Expo

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