REAP credited with helping farmers become energy independent

Technology advancements are helping farmers become more energy independent.

Adam Warthesen with Organic Valley, an organic food brand and cooperative based in Wisconsin, says resources at the federal level are helping make that happen.

“That’s kind of an exciting space for all farmers. And the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) is just one example of that, but it’s a really good one.”

He tells Brownfield around 50 of the 1,800 farmer-members of Organic Valley have used REAP to become more resilient by lowering energy costs.

“And by using REAP, I’m talking about we have a staff that helps farmers write grants that get awarded, and then build largely solar systems that fit into their farm enterprises.”

Warthesen says while most of those systems are under 40 kilowatts, there’s plenty of opportunity to grow and become a larger part of the conversation around decarbonizing the economy. 

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