Recovery to the livestock sector may take some time

A livestock economist says recovery to the livestock sector might take longer than originally anticipated.

A positive jobs report and improvement to the abysmal Restaurant Performance Index point to signs the economy has started to recover from the worst of the shutdown period.

However, University of Missouri’s Scott Brown says people are trying to balance that with the surge in COVID-19 cases lately and what that might mean down the road.  “But, in the short-run, we’re seeing some recovery, which is good news relative to what we’ve had to deal with for a number of weeks.”

But, he tells Brownfield optimism is tempered by that recent surge in cases.  “That might come more from the restaurant side,” he says.  “It seems like getting restaurant volume back to some normal level is going to take longer than we initially thought.”

And until that demand sector fully recovers, Brown says both cattle and hog prices will remain under pressure.

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