Red meat, poultry in cold storage below a year ago

U.S. red meat in cold storage fell below year ago levels.

The USDA says red meat stocks at the end of May were 5% lower than last year at 929.67 million pounds, reflecting good demand, partially canceling out the year-to-year increase in monthly production. Beef in cold storage was slightly below a year ago at 423.684 million pounds, while pork dropped 9% to 481.887 million pounds.

Poultry in cold storage fell 5% to 1.173 billion pounds, with a 10% decrease in chicken at 747.414 million pounds against a 5% increase in turkey to 422.937 million pounds, with those changes dictated by demand.

The USDA’s next round of annual red meat and poultry supply and demand numbers is out July 12th.

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