Relief could be on the horizon for supply chain bottlenecks

Some global agriculture manufacturers say there could be relief from supply chain disruptions despite a list of challenges.

Chris Roth is the CEO of Reinke Manufacturing, an irrigation systems supplier.  “I don’t think you’re going to see like boom October is going to be great.  I think you’re going to see that August is better than July. September is better than August, but it’s  going to be marginal each month.”

He tells Brownfield transportation costs and shipping logistics have improved.  “The trucking industry is starting to loosen up a little bit.  We’re starting to see more freight availability. Containers are starting to get a little bit better so we can get our hands on that to use that.”

But, Nicholas Raimondo with Behlen Manufacturing – a grain storage manufacturer– says regulations continue to be an obstacle to move products.  “All of the ports are managed by municipalities.  We have our federal legislation trying to bring everyone together.  There are so many different pieces, and everybody is still pointing fingers.”

Brownfield interviewed Roth and Raimondo at the 2022 Nebraska Ag and Economic Development Summit.

  • Try and find a newer Ford vehicle that allows use of E-85! Only pickup now. Also not easy to locate a station that has E-85 in WI. Also a lot of difference between those that do offer it.

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