Replant decisions weigh on many farmers

An agronomist says replant decisions are weighing on many farmers.

Ryan Gentle, Illinois agronomy manager with Wyffels Hybrids, tells Brownfield the wet spring has caused issues.

“If you planted in that mid-April planting window, it’s pretty clear where your drowned out ponds are.”  He says, “Probably most fields have you know a couple ponds that are gonna need spotted in if they ever get water off of ‘em.”

He says replanting can be an emotional decision and recommends utilizing a free replant calculator.

“You can just plug in all your info, it’ll kick out a case-by-case basis and helps put a little more black and white behind some of that than just trying to make a gut feel decision,” he says.

Gentle says while he hasn’t seen any whole field replant situations yet this year, the rains have left numerous flooded areas. 

A link to a free replant calculator can be found HERE.

AUDIO: Ryan Gentle – Illinois agronomy manager at Wyffels Hybrids

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