Report claims market concentration is harming farmers

A new report claims high market concentration is hurting farmers.

Andy Green with the Center for American Progress says their report shows rising monopoly power is squeezing American workers and communities.

“And rural America is no exception. Decades of weak enforcement and antitrust have permitted record levels of concentration that contributes to rising costs and suppressed earnings.”

The study looked at the market for corn and soybean seeds as well as the hog sector.  Green says anti-competitive practices have given agribusinesses too much leverage.

“Re-balancing power in rural America requires fighting corporate concentration through antitrust competition policy, empowering farmers to bargain for fair prices and banning unfair abusive and deceptive contracting practices.”

The Center for American Progress plans to use the findings to promote policies that restore competition in ag markets, guarantee a fair share for farmers, and protect farmer rights.

The Center is also creating an Independent Farmer Protection Bureau that Green says will investigate and stop abuses of market power.

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