Report considers consumer perception of food and agriculture policy  

A new monthly report from Purdue University is gauging consumer perceptions of the food system.  

Jayson Lusk, director for the Purdue Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability, says the latest survey took a closer look at food and agriculture policy.

“There’s pretty broad support for things like increasing ag research funding, increasing conservation reserve programs, and even expanding SNAP benefits,” he says.

He tells Brownfield this month’s Consumer Food Insights report also asked about various farm bill titles.

“We asked people whether they’d spend more or less on these different categories and what we found is generally people are worried about food safety inspection and food assistance programs— those programs tended to garner the widest support,” he says.

The survey examined the differences in responses across low-, middle-, and high-income brackets. For example, there were differences in support of policies like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefit expansion and a sweetened beverage tax.

The Consumer Food Insights Report, which started in January, is a monthly survey of 1200 U.S. food consumers. The report tracks consumer perceptions of the food system, food pricing, food insecurity, the sustainability of their diet, and more.  

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