Report shows how equipment innovations impacted dairy industry

A new report from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers shows how modern tools and management have improved dairy farming.  The Environmental Benefits of Modern Dairy, Hay, and Forage Production Technologies report shows U.S. and Canadian milk yields have gone up 19% in the past 15 years while using 15% less feed, 26% less land, and 10% less water while reducing greenhouse gas emissions 17%.

Chad Huyser with Lely North America says technology is allowing farmers to better understand the animal’s genetic potential and how to feed to that potential.  Matt Daley with GEA Farm Technologies says the cows are better cared for because the farmer has more data. 

Tools like near-infrared (NIR) sensor technology on harvesting equipment can help predict the quality of the feedstock that will ultimately go into the animal.  The cows also wear activity monitors that relay important information to farmers.

The report shows that by 2030, it will be possible to increase milk yield by another 11%, reduce feed by an additional 19%, and further reduce land and water use along with greenhouse gas emissions.

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