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Purdue’s On-Farm Research pairs farmers and researchers to produce robustly designed field trials using the farmers equipment on their land.

Purdue Extension Corn Specialist Bob Nielsen says results from small research trials came into question because results could not be replicated on the farm.  “Now we’re conducting these trials on their fields, in their conditions, with their equipment,” he says.  “I think it makes the results a lot more credible when we can bring that to the table at conferences and we can show these results that are coming off of 50 acre fields, 80 acre fields, as much as 200 acre fields.”

Nielsen tells Brownfield one of the first On-Farm trials looked at yield response to nitrogen rate application.  The goal, he says was to help farmers identify the best rates for their farm.  “With enough data over enough years, our goal was also to maybe tease out different nitrogen rates for different parts of the state,” he says.  “We’ve been able to do that to a certain degree and we now have since 2006 – well over 200 trials around the state in a lot of different conditions and a lot of different soil types.”

Every year the results from all of the On Farm trials are compiled.  Nielsen says the summary can be found online at his Chat and Chew Café.

You can find a link HERE.

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