RFA: E15 demand consistent despite higher prices

The Renewable Fuels Association says summertime sales of E15 remains relatively strong despite an increase in prices.

Troy Bredenkamp, senior vice president of government and public affairs, tells Brownfield, “We’re seeing the average increase just like we did but maybe not as much as last year.  We had higher gas prices last year.  We had huge increases in the use of E15 simply because there was a 30 to 40 to 50 cent per gallon spread between E15 and E10.”

He says the emergency waiver from the Biden administration allowing E15 sales has helped “Demand is always high during the summer.  We’re seeing demand for E15 going up.  This is an area where we have to have regulatory certainty where retailers know they’re not going to lose the ability to sell E15 during the summer driving season, they’ll put it in.”

On Tuesday, RFA sent the Environmental Protection Agency a letter urging the them to quickly finalize a request from eight Midwestern governors that would make E15 available year-round in their states. President and CEO Geoff Cooper says more than a year has passed to publish a rule and it needs to be done as soon as possible.

As for E85, he says demand is strong, but savings at the pump isn’t as good compared to last year.  

Bredenkamp spoke with Brownfield on Monday at an ethanol roundtable in Nebraska.

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