Ricketts submits comments to EPA on WOTUS, wants limited federal control

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts says an expansion of the Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule would burden farmers and ranchers. “We want to put the EPA on notice that look you’ve tried to redo this Waters of the U.S. rule under the Obama administration,” Ricketts says.  “It was unlawful, we took you to court, and we won.  We want them to know that we’re going to be watching again regarding how they implement this rule.”  

He tells Brownfield he submitted official written comments to the agency asking for a definition that provides “limited federal jurisdiction.” “This is another example where the EPA needs to remember that Congress rights the laws not the regulators, not the EPA, so you have to live within the intent of what Congress wrote, not what you want to do.”

The Governor’s letter on WOTUS was co-signed by the directors of the State of Nebraska’s Department of Environment and Energy, Department of Agriculture, and Department of Natural Resources.

Ricketts spoke with Brownfield at the Nebraska State Fair Thursday.

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