Road and bridge funding bill passes Indiana Senate

The Indiana Senate has approved HB 1002, the proposed road and bridge funding bill.

The legislation includes fee and tax increases to fund a billion dollars per year, for the next 20 years, in road improvements across the state.

Katrina Hall, Indiana Farm Bureau director of public policy says the bill is now headed to conference committee.  “The bill, if it is changed at all, both houses will have to vote on it again,” she says.  “I’m pretty confident that it will be changed – so both of them will have to cast a final vote on it.”

She tells Brownfield there are some concerns with the Senate version of the bill.  “It eliminated the sales tax on cigarettes,” she says.  “In order to make up some of that money, they increased registration fees on trucks in particular.  We’re still assessing and doing to some modeling to see how it will affect farmers.”

The road and bridge funding legislation has been the organization’s top priority this year.

Once the bill moves through conference committee and passes both the state House and Senate again – it will head to the Governor’s desk for signature.

AUDIO: Katrina Hill, Indiana Farm Bureau

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