Roadway safety tips for farmers, motorists during planting season

A public safety organization is reminding motorists to proceed with caution along roadways with planting season in full swing.

Tim Hull, executive director of Missouri Operation Lifesaver, says drivers need to be aware of slow-moving farm equipment. “It’s wider than some of the other equipment on the road and vehicles on the roadway, and it’s a little noisier. One of the things you got to do is really keep an eye out and an ear out for that equipment. They can make wide turns into the fields and out of the fields.”

He tells Brownfield farmers also have some important transportation responsibilities. “If you get a long line of traffic behind you, maybe you should pull off. Let the traffic go by, let them clear out just a little bit. Make sure your signals are clear to those who are following you and the ones that are maybe approaching you from the opposite direction so that they know what your intentions are of turning right or turning left or slowing down.”

Hull urges producers to stay as far right as possible on roads.

AUDIO: Tim Hull with Missouri Operation Lifesaver

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