Rumors swirl that EPA will appeal SRE ruling

A leading biofuels group is hearing that the Trump Administration plans to appeal a recent 10th Circuit Court decision that found the EPA abused its authority in granting Small Refinery Exemptions.

Chris Bliley with Growth Energy tells Brownfield if true, it’s very disappointing.

“The President really needs to understand that Senator Cruz doesn’t care about this administration, or families across the Heartland who are counting on the White House to keep its promises.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is urging the Administration to appeal the ruling.

Bliley says if that occurs, Growth Energy expects the EPA to withhold any action on 2019 small refinery exemptions.

“We felt like it was a clear decision from the 10th Circuit, and it really outlined EPA’s misuse of the program.”

Bliley says while nothing official has been issued, the EPA is facing impending deadlines within the next week.

  • Dear Mr. President March 6, 2020

    I want to express to you my Sincere Disappointment to hear that You and Your Administration are planning to challenge the recent 10th Circuit Court Ruling that struck down three Small Refinery Biofuel Blending Waivers granted by the EPA.

    The recent 10th Circuit Court Ruling was a Rare Victory for American Farm and Biofuel Interests in their endless battle with the EPA and Oil Industry, against their constant efforts to avoid biofuel blending and circumvent the Renewable Fuel Standard Law.

    Since taking office you have been led around by the nose by the EPA, Oil Industry and Oil State Senators, in their efforts to feather the Oil Industry at the expense of the American Biofuels Industry and Farming Segments of American Society.

    Now when EPA and Oil’s Secret Waiver Actions have finally been ruled to be Improper and Illegal, is it really your plan to Double Down on those Secret Illegal Actions that have Crushed Farmers and the American Biofuels industry, and fight the 10th Circuit Court Ruling, rather than simply comply with it?

    Are you really going to continue to be led around by the Nose by the Oil State Senators and their powerful oil backers to feather Rich Refining Companies against the very American Farmers and Biofuel Workers that helped Elect You, and who have stood by you during Trade Wars, Floods and Falling Farm and Industry Income?

    With over Twenty American Biofuel Production Plants Currently Shutdown, due to Excessive and Illegal Secret Refinery Waivers, Who is the Real Donald Trump?


    Thomas Blazek

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