Russia fires on merchant ship in Black Sea

Russia reportedly fired warning shots at a civilian merchant ship in the Black Sea over the weekend.

It’s the first time the Russian military has fired on merchant shipping beyond Ukraine since exiting the Black Sea Grain Initiative last month.

Speaking to Brownfield following Russia’s exit from the deal, Jay Debertin, CEO of international grain merchandiser CHS, called it a sad situation.

“For the people in Ukraine, for farmers in Ukraine, and for customers around the world that depended on them as their source for food.”

He says CHS and other companies in the region continue to move grain by rail.

“Like we did when the war first started, it’s just not the most efficient route. Ukraine is a country that is set up for shipment by vessel, and now that’s not occurring.”

USDA’s Foreign Ag Service says in the year the Black Sea Grain Initiative was in effect, Ukraine exported nearly 33 million tons of grain and other ag products from its four primary ports. 

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