Scooping ice cream for a cause

Patrons of the American Dairy Association of Indiana's 25th Annual Ice Cream Social to raise money for Girl Scouts.For the second year, the American Dairy Association of Indiana scooped ice cream sundaes on Monument Circle to raise money for Girls Scouts of Central Indiana.

Deb Osza, general manager of ADAI says the ice cream social is a great way to spread the message of Indiana’s dairy industry.  “The Ice Cream social allows us to connect to consumers,” she says.  “We bring cattle here – so there’s a big Holstein cow, along with a Brown Swiss and Holstein calf.  It allows people to see the cows and connect the dots between dairy-farming how that produces milk and that we make ice cream out of milk. And all of that is done right here in Indiana.”

Osza tells Brownfield, Indiana’s dairy industry is vibrant.  “We’re producing high quality milk here in Indiana,” she says.  “We’re making fabulous ice cream and it’s all happening right here.  It’s local food – being made by your local farmers.”

This is the 25th year for the Ice Cream Social.  In total, celebrity scoopers dished over 2,000 sundaes and raised $6,800 for the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana.

Next year – ADAI will scoop sundaes to raise money for Girls’ Inc.

AUDIO: Deb Osza, American Dairy Association of Indiana (3:00mp3)

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