SD farmers expect later start to spring planting

South Dakota farmers are expecting spring planting delays due to the cool spring temperatures forecasted and the heavy snowpack.

In Mitchell, South Dakota, Chet Edinger says he is hoping to start fieldwork by mid-April, but other farmers are considering a May 1 start.

“That’s about two to three weeks late. It’s hard to say, but it’s looking doubtful planting will have a normal timeline at this point.”

Volga farmer Scott VanderWal says any changes in planting intentions will wait until closer to the final planting date for corn.

“We’ll stay with the plan until May 25 and if we can’t get the corn planted by then, we’ll plant something different.”

In Britton, South Dakota, farmer and market analyst DuWayne Bosse tells Brownfield with a cool weather forecast for April, planting may not start until mid-May and farmers in the area are already talking about the possibility of prevent plant.

“Farmers want to actually get a crop planted, but with the higher spring prices this year, prevent plant could pay well for farmers in the northeastern part of the state if it gets too late.”

Bosse says the two things that could change that would be if the weather improves or if grain prices incentivize farmers to plant a later crop.

Photo credit: Chet Edinger, Mitchell, South Dakota.

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