SE Minnesota farmer reports good but not great corn yields

A southeast Minnesota farmer says his corn yields were good.

“But they weren’t as good as we thought they were going to be.”

Ed McNamara of Goodhue tells Brownfield the crop was planted early, but got soaked by a four and-a-half inch rain event in May.

“The corn looked good, but then we had that cold Mother’s Day period that we normally get, and we had maybe 10 days of 90-degree temperatures. I just don’t think the corn roots went deep.”

McNamara says that became a problem when conditions turned dry in August.

“I think the plant cannibalized, and when I looked at some of the stalks, there was a gap between the outside right of the stalk and the inside plant tissue. And then on some certain varieties anyway, I noticed the bottom foot of the plant was purple. I hadn’t seen that before either.”

McNamara believes the culprit was either potassium deficiency or drought stress.  On a positive note, he says test weights were good and moisture at harvest was around 18 percent.

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