Sen. Boozman discusses timing of 2023 Farm Bill

During a farm bill roundtable in Ames, Iowa Wednesday, the Ranking Member of the Senate Agriculture Committee said he’s optimistic the 2023 legislation will be passed on time.

Republican John Boozman of Arkansas says there’s a sense of urgency in Congress to get the farm bill finished.

“I think Congress realizes that for our farm community it’s a difficult time,” he said. “The input costs are so high, commodity prices have gone up but have come back down a little bit, and so as a result to make their plans going forward, they need this five-year contract.”

He tells Brownfield, “And then, two, the lenders also need the assurance that we’ll have a five-year program that will actually take care of them, putting those safety nets in place that are so very important.”

The current farm bill expires September 30th.

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