Senate Ag Dems see opportunity in IRA conservation money

Can Senate Ag Committee Democrats come to a bipartisan agreement on farm bill conservation funding? 

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown tells Brownfield what Republicans are proposing in the Senate Ag Committee could be workable if it’s done right.

“Some Democrats like me say it’s okay as long as they don’t strip the whole climate issue out,” he says. “I mean, farmers understand climate issues. They are sort of the front lines of climate.”

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation members heard from Senate Republicans Wednesday about how moving $20 billion dollars of Inflation Reduction Act conservation money into the farm bill could triple funding over the next five farm bills,

In a statement to Brownfield, Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow says she strongly supports moving all the IRA funding, with its climate focus, into the conservation baseline.

Last month House Ag Committee Democrats said they would not support legislation that takes IRA conservation funding away from its intended purpose.

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