Senator Baldwin optimistic about Dairy PRIDE passage

One of the authors of the Dairy PRIDE Act is optimistic the bill will get support in Congress this time around.

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin tells Brownfield the legislation that would force the Food and Drug Administration to enforce its own dairy standards of identity rules and restrict imitation products from using dairy terms on their labels has more bipartisan support now. “(There is) a very strong group of bipartisan co-sponsors for the bill this year, which was really encouraging to me to see that list grow. Also, I think there’s a renewed frustration with the Food and Drug Administration for not simply doing this on their own.”

Baldwin also says she would like the Dairy PRIDE Act to pass quickly but, “If I had to predict, I would say more likely to get attached to the farm bill. That’s just typically what happens these days in the Congress of the United States.”

Recent labeling guidance from the FDA says if a dairy alternative wants to use a dairy term like milk, cheese, or yogurt, then it must also list the nutritional deficiencies on the label.

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