Senator Brown discusses relief for farmers

The USDA has finalized plans to extend pandemic relief payments to farmers, ranchers, and processors left out of previous rounds of aid.

Senator Sherrod Brown says it’s critical there is an emphasis on “biofuel produces, small- and mid-sized dairies, small family-owned timber harvesters, and organic producers. The bill was written in a way to make sure that all kinds of small farmers get more help.”

The assistance is part of the $6 billion package announced in March. USDA released additional details recently on how much money would go to specific groups including $700 million for biofuel producers; $580 million in supplemental Dairy Margin Coverage; $400 million for a Dairy Donation Program; $200 million for small, family-owned timber harvesters and haulers; and $20 million in cost-sharing assistance for organic producers.

The Ohio Democrat says it’s important to support farmers as the country continues to recover from the pandemic.

“Some farmers have lost much of their markets, they’ve lost much due to declining infrastructure, and farmers are struggling as much as anyone to stay in business during this pandemic,” he says.  

A total of $11 billion has been allocated since January using available pandemic assistance funds.

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