Senator Brown outlines ag issues that need addressed

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown says there is a need to reform federal farm programs and target USDA programs to farmers and practices that need it most.

In a video message during the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association Annual Conference, Brown said he’s discussed several of these issues with US Ag Secretary nominee Tom Vilsack.

“First, refocusing USDA programs to help new and beginning farmers access the capital they need to thrive,” he says.

He says addressing consolidation in agriculture is also top of mind.

“Whether that’s meatpackers or fertilizer and seed companies—too often farmers are faced with fewer choices and higher prices,” he says.

Other issues, Brown says, include ensuring all Americans, no matter where they live, have access to fresh, affordable and nutritious food; using USDA resources to fight climate change and invest in sustainable farming practices that reduce runoff, promote cover crops, and improve water quality; and helping farmers expand markets to reach new customers.  

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