Sheep industry wants Trump to review U.S. lamb policy

An American sheep industry leader has called on the incoming Trump administration to support U.S. lamb producers through government policy.

Burton Pfliger, President of the American Sheep Industry Association says one of the top priorities the industry wants is more oversight for imports of lamb meat.

“Take a look at the rules that allow for imports from countries that have endemic issues with Foot & Mouth disease. Certainly the safety of the food supply as well as the safety of the American people ought to be first and foremost,” says Pfliger.

Phliger says government overregulation has been a struggle for sheep producers and his group wants Trump to revise existing policies on wildlife predators.

“Take a look at de-listing the Grizzly Bear as well as the wolf because they are a huge predator problem for the sheep industry,” says Phliger.

Pfliger tells Brownfield the incoming administration also needs to protect the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station in Idaho.

“That’s come under attack by the current administration as targeted for foreclosure. That is such a unique laboratory in the inner mountain west where we certainly have the skill set as well as the environment in the outdoor laboratory to solve the issues that are most pressing for the day,” says Pfliger.

Pfliger says he’s sent a letter to the Trump Administration highlighting all of the sheep association’s concerns.

Audio: Burton Pfliger, President, American Sheep Industry Association

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