Shipping disruptions impact global grain merchandisers

Global shipping disruptions continue to impact grain merchandisers.

CHS CEO Jay Debertin says the Baltimore bridge collapse is affecting the movement of ag commodities, but not to the degree of the Panama and Suez canals.

“Two shortcuts around the world for many ag commodities, and they aren’t working smoothly right now for different reasons. And that’s just the circumstances we find ourselves in, so logistics, logistics planning, adapting to these changes.”

Drought has reduced water levels along the Panama Canal while military conflicts have limited use of the Suez Canal.

“We do have ships of grain on the Red Sea either delivering to customers that border on the Red Sea, or are traversing it. So we have to understand our risk, and we manage our risk and have our head up about it.”

Debertin says the ongoing war in Ukraine has also disrupted global grain export business.

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