Short stature corn a big topic at Iowa Ag Expo

Short stature corn is a big topic at the Iowa Ag Expo in Des Moines. 

David Thompson with Stine Seed says the Iowa-based company has been working on short-stature, or high-density corn for more than a decade.

“And lately it has gotten a lot of attention, other companies getting on board (now). And we are really really happy about that because we really believe it’s the right thing for growers.”

Speaking to Brownfield at the Iowa Ag Expo Tuesday, he said short corn lends itself to better standability and high plant populations.

“But it is a system approach, you’ve got to have fertility out there for the bushels you want to support.”

Thompson says there are also cultural practices to consider like row spacing and encourages growers interested in high-density corn to use the latest genetics and increase population a little at a time.

“More plants on the acre should mean more ears on the acre, and more ears means more yield.”

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