Shortage of new iron at Big Iron Farm Show

A regional farm show has run into unprecedented issues with exhibitors providing farm machinery to display.

Emily Grunewald, director of agriculture for the Big Iron farm show in West Fargo, North Dakota, says Case IH pulled out about a month ago because they didn’t have enough equipment available.

“We’ve had other companies who had been bringing in far less equipment than usual. Usually their lots are full of equipment. One company for example has brought in only three pieces compared to maybe the ten pieces they usually bring in because that’s all they had available for the show.”

She tells Brownfield some companies have brought in used equipment from local customers.

Grunewald says in her nine years with the show this has never been an issue and she’s heard there are several reasons behind it.

“One of the challenges is the technology and the shortage of technology (like) microchips that are in that equipment such as tractors that there’s a shortage on. And in the world we’re all facing right now, labor is a problem (as well).”

Despite having less farm machinery on display, she says attendance for Big Iron has been outstanding. 

The show started Tuesday and runs through Thursday.

  • The Big Iron Farm Show strives to educate farmers and ranchers from around the world. This post is very really was a group of farmers that got together and really wanted to showcase some of the new equipment that was coming out.

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