So far, so good for Wisconsin’s 2020 corn crop

A University of Wisconsin corn specialist says the 2020 Wisconsin corn crop is doing much better than last year’s crop. 

Agronomy Professor Joe Lauer says, “We were able to get the crop in timely, and we actually had a little bit of a drought, almost. Now lately, we’ve gotten some pretty good rains and we’re off to a really good start.”

Lauer tells Brownfield at this time last year, many farmers were still trying to plant after a very wet spring.  He says unlike some regions, the weather has been okay for Wisconsin growers. “The corn crop is in pretty good shape compared to the central corn belt. I know that in many areas down south of here, there are some drought areas going on but we certainly aren’t having that experience up here.”

Lauer says parts of Northeast Wisconsin started with too much rain, but they are also now on track for a good corn crop this year.

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