Sorghum seen as part of global hunger solution

Sorghum is being promoted as a solution to global food insecurity.

Sorghum United CEO Nate Blum says countries like Kenya are seeing crop failures due to extreme weather.

“Where maize has failed. And not that there’s anything wrong with maize, but it uses more water than sorghum and it’s not as drought tolerant.”

He tells Brownfield addressing world hunger with sorghum can be done domestically and abroad.

“An opportunity for our farmers here in the U.S. to access markets around the world, and it’s an opportunity to provide inexpensive food to people around the world, especially those who are most economically disparate. But that said, we also very strongly advocate for regional food systems.”

Blum says sorghum uses about a third of the water corn does and produces a large root mass that helps improve soil health and sequesters more carbon.

  • Any chance we can start getting sorghum / milo prices incorporated into the Brownfield daily updates on prices?

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